The Process

Priceless Prints Jewelry - About the Process

We use Precious Metal Clay, which is made of microscopic precious metal particles suspended together with water and organic binder, to capture fingerprints. During the firing process, the water and binder burn away, allowing the particles to fuse together and produce a solid .999 fine silver or 22-karat gold fingerprint. The original impression captured in the clay is exactly as it will appear on the pendant. It is not a replica; it is true fingerprint art.

Make an impression today. How it works:

  1. Purchase your Priceless Prints kit, either online or at one of our fabulous retail locations.
  2. Capture a fingerprint impression of your loved one using the Precious Metal Clay enclosed in the kit. 
  3. Place the clay print in the box provided and mail to Priceless Prints Jewelry.
  4. Print is fired and polished and completed fingerprint pendant is mailed back to you within one week via USPS First Class parcel shipping.