The Artist

Deb Nester - Artist

Deb Nester began creating jewelry more than 30 years ago in the Sandhills (Prairies) of Nebraska. The landscape inspired her vision, and Prairie Creations handcrafted jewelry was born.

A self-taught artist, Deb started with beaded jewelry. Then in 2003, she discovered Precious Metal Clay, and her love of fingerprint art flourished; she launched her Priceless Prints jewelry collection shortly thereafter. Available in .999 fine silver or 22-karat gold, these unique fingerprint pendants are the perfect way to celebrate loved ones and have been created and treasured around the world.


“I love fingerprint jewelry and how it is truly unique. Being many miles from my son makes my Priceless Print pendant created with his fingerprint impression such a treasure and helps bridge the distance between us. I’m thrilled to offer this feeling to others who have loved ones they want to hold near always and forever.”