How do I get started?

  1. Purchase your Priceless Prints fingerprint pendant kit, either online or at one of our fabulous retail locations.
  2. Capture a fingerprint impression of your loved one using the Precious Metal Clay enclosed in the kit. 
  3. Place the clay fingerprint impression in the box provided and mail to Priceless Prints Jewelry.
  4. Print is fired and polished and completed fingerprint pendant is mailed back to you within one week via USPS First Class parcel shipping.

How long does it take to receive my fingerprint pendant?

We will fire, polish and send your silver or gold fingerprint pendant back to you via USPS First Class parcel shipping within one week of receiving your clay impression.

Will the fingerprint pendant tarnish?

No, fingerprint pendants should not tarnish. They are made of .999 silver.

Does the clay expire?

It is best recommended to use your Priceless Prints pendant kit within six months from date of purchase. Please keep clay out of extreme hot or cold temperatures.

Can I return the Priceless Prints fingerprint pendant kit?

Yes, unopened kits may be returned within three months of purchase.